A区展览 | Zone A



Zhao Shuyan's Solo Exhibition

展期 | Duration

2022/12/24 - 2023/01/20

开幕 | Opening

2022/12/24 15:00

地点 | Location



B区展览 | Zone B

绿 网


Song He's Solo Exhibition

展期 | Duration

2023/02/05 -2023/02/21

开幕 | Opening

2023/02/05 15:00

地点 | Location



问象艺术空间(WeShine Art Space2015年成立于南京,是一家具有国际审美和全球化视野的画廊,致力于挖掘优秀艺术家,推动中国当代艺术发展。现有两个展馆,占地300多平方米,至今共呈现艺术家个展130余场,合作艺术家近80余位。 “问象”即为追求象之深意,探索艺术本体的意义和发展方向。问象艺术空间用全球化的视野,着眼于当代艺术领域,致力于打造集艺术家推广、艺术品的销售和收藏投资以及艺术展览为一体的当代艺术机构,同时在积极参与构建城市文化、提升艺术氛围,以推动中国当代艺术发展。

我们以优质的展览聚焦具有潜力和个性的青年艺术家,着眼于中国当代艺术领域,为其注入充满活力的新生代力量。画廊长期关注和挖掘青年艺术家,同多位艺术家保持长期紧密的合作, 致力于中国当代艺术的推动和梳理,将具有原创性、前瞻性的当代艺术作品进行宣传和推广,实现跨文化,跨领域的多元化交流。

Founded in 2015, WeShine Art Space is a Nanjing-based gallery with international aesthetics and global vision, aiming at discovering extraordinary artists and promoting the development of Chinese contemporary art. WeShine has two exhibition spaces of more than 300 square meters. The gallery has presented more than 130 solo exhibitions till today and has collaborated with over 80 artists. “WeShine” is the transliteration of its Chinese brand name “Wen Xiang”, which refers to the pursuit of the significance of existence, exploring the meaning and future path of art. With its global vision and its focus on contemporary art, the gallery dedicates to integrate the function of promoting, selling, collection investing and exhibiting, as well as building the urban culture and artistic atmosphere in order to promote the development of Chinese contemporary art.

The gallery focuses on young artists with potential and individuality through quality exhibitions, focusing on the field of Chinese contemporary art and injecting a vibrant force from the young generation into it. The gallery has long focused on and discovered young artists and has long-term close cooperation with a number of artists. It dedicated to promoting and sorting Chinese contemporary art, publicizing and promoting original and forward-looking contemporary art works, and achieving cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary and diversified exchanges.